The official countdown to Christmas has officially started and we are so decked out in holiday spirit, we just might explode. Baking non-stop in the kitchen, watching what seems to be a never-ending list of holiday movies, and crossing off everyone on our holiday list. Sometimes the holidays come and go so quickly that we don’t stop for a second and realize the little things. Such as the rare occasion where you might have every single person in your family around you, the kindness most people are giving off during the month of December, and of course the beautiful decorations around you! Even though it might be hard to ignore the bright lights blinking around you, some families make it their mission to go all out during the holiday season making it extremely hard not to stop and take a second look! While a lot of attention is given to the beautiful decorations put up by cities across the world, not a lot of people tend to look at what actual homeowners are getting up to. And trust us, they’re getting up to a lot. We’re talking all out, from top to bottom and every acre of their land covered in lights, reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman! If anyone can make a person stop and appreciate the holiday month it’s these 5 house owners from around the world serving you a big plate of joy.


Bernard and Michaela Nermerich Family – Kelkheim, GermanyBernhard and Michaela Nermerich Christmas Lights

Can you imagine having your very own Santa Claus living in your town? Well in Kelkheim, Germany Bernard and Michaela are well known for being Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus! He is so popular among the locals that the nickname actually stuck! Can you imagine how many letters this couple gets during the holiday season? Well, it might have to do with the thousands of lights that decorate their home from top to bottom along with the hundreds of Santa Claus’s hanging from every corner. If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that, the more Santas the merrier. 


Mark and Kathy Hyatt – Florida, United StatesHyatt-Extreme-Christmas-2012

The couple that decorates massively together, stays together, right? Well, in this case it does! Mark and Kathy Hyatt have done their good neighborhood deeds every year by decorating their home so well, it makes you think twice if Santa really lives in the North Pole. Honestly, even Santa would rather work on the beach than through piles of snow. The couple have been decorating their home ever since they got married in 1990 and as each year passes the decorations only gets brighter and brighter! We’re sure it only symbolizes their love for each other. (Aww!) They have previously used more than 150,000 lights and hundreds of Christmas figurines. Talk about decking the halls with boughs of holly!


Dalisay Family – Manila, PhilippinesThe-Dalisay-family-Christmas-Lights-Manila-Philippines

Hold on just a second as we check the current air fair to the Philippines. Trust us, this is something you will want to see for yourself! With so many sparkling lights the Dalisay family truly puts Kanye West’s “flashing lights” hit to shame. They have been decorating their house for Christmas ever since 1996 and with each year passes it only gets even more extravagant. Try not to squint taking a picture!


An Entire Street of Families – Baltimore, United Statesrtvlights

This is what the true meaning of Christmas is all about! What other time of the year will you find an entire block of neighbors agreeing on one thing!? Christmas spirit on full blast in Baltimore! Every resident on the 700 block of 34th street in Baltimore have put up Christmas lights ever since 1989. Everyone knows this tradition as the “Miracle on 34th street” and we don’t think a better name for it would exist! The decorations are so extravagant and the lights are so bright that it’s said you could even see them from space. We’re not sure how credible that is but we know for sure it’s enough to make you stop and stare and take a million pictures!


 Alex Goodhind – Melksham, United KingdomAlex-Goodhind-Christmas-Lights

Will the real Santa Claus please stand up? Well if he doesn’t, chances are your eyes should be looking at Alex Goodhind. Why do we think he might be the real Santa Claus? Every year despite the fact that his electric bill costs him £30,000 he still lights up his house beautifully with an outstanding 115,000 bulbs a year and donates any proceeds he makes to a local charity. That is both impressive and beautiful; it makes a person want to go purposely pay this man to see a beautiful out of this world light up!


Seeing these local families take part in making the greatest holiday decorations makes us want to go light up every inch of our home, drink hot chocolate, and watch the Grinch over and over again. Happy Holidays!





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