If you don’t know by now our sole mission in life is to revive the old and try to keep it alive and going. Well not our sole mission, but we do enjoy bringing back ideas and concepts that were left behind in the crazy rollercoaster we call advanced technology. This week we are proud to reveal a new, old addition to our airport branch – The flap display!



You’ve seen it in movies or if you’re lucky you’ve seen it at airports and train stations. With its changeable text and numbers, this display supplies travelers with all the information they need. It was commonly used in the past, but nowadays it has been replaced by digital screens and is slowly becoming a mere memory. Now, in 2015, long after the flap displays seized to exist in Lebanon, we thought: “Why not bring them back?”

Yes ladies and gentleman we’ve outdone ourselves this time because we can proudly say that Al Rifai is the only brand who has a working Flap Display in all of Lebanon. We’ve decided to take this dated technology and put a fun new spin on it. We set up a fully customized panel at our airport branch, which includes our products, prices and even specific message queues about our favorite nuts!


Have you ever heard the saying: “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”? Well as everyone is investing in new technologies we’re more interested in the old. And while we’re not bringing back cassette tapes, we believe this panel fits the Al Rifai criteria perfectly by giving our customers a sense of nostalgia for the good old days. To have it in our airport branch was the final icing on the cake and we hope that you all enjoy it just as much as we do.

Make sure to check out our Flap Display located at our Al Rifai Branch at Beirut International Airport. Tel: 01/629 506 Ext: 256        

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