The city known for its vibrant night life, its wondrous history, and its amazing food is now taking on a new trend. Beirut comes to life by making a name for itself as a hub of street art. The, once rare, art scene is now booming in the heart of the city and adding a dash of paint to every corner an artist can reach. Artists walk the streets with their heads held high, a paint brush or spray in hand, and the entire city to call their canvas.

We couldn’t help but drop our jaws whenever we walked by one of these master pieces, and we are sure you would do the same. The amount of talent poured into creating these pieces is, definitely, giving Beirut a new identity.

With much more of this around Beirut, take a look at these pieces that you can find while you wander around the city!


Hadi BeydounArtist: Hadi Beydoun


Ali Rafei, Yazan Halwani, ZephaArtists: Ali Rafei, Yazan Hilwani, & Zepha

O1NE Club          O1NE Club – Artists: Karski, Nase, SWK, Binho, Zedz, Telmo, Miel, Nash, Mr. Wany, Mr. Dheo, SATONE, Tasso, Roids, Bonzaï, Koan and Treze

dihzahynersArtists: Dihzahyners

Yazan HalwaniArtist: Yazan Hilwani

Steff's GroupArtist: Steph’s Group

Nadine FeghaliArtist: Nadine Feghali

Ashekman2Artist: Ashekman

ZephaArtist: Zepha

ResoArtist: Reso

Yazan HalwanisArtist: Yazan Halwani

AshekmanArtist: Ashekman

karim TamerjiArtist: Karim Tamerji

Tarsila SchubertArtist: Tarsila Schubert

  Yazan Halwani & TASSO  Artists: Yazan Halwani & TASSO

Ashekman1Artist: Ashekman


Photo credits:

  • Indiaphare
  • Kami – mywanderlust
  • Yazan Halwani
  • Eatstowest
  • Elena – travelingbytes
  • Nadim Kamel
  • @loukmannasreddine
  • Rom Levy
  • FatCap

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