Easter break is around the corner and you’re probably starting to plan nice destinations to visit. Plan no more! Poland is where you should go next.
Most people head straight to the capital and miss the rest of the country. One city that you should not miss is Poznań. Since most people have probably never heard of it, it is the city located on the Warta River in west-central Poland. Not only does the city have some of the most charming old town architecture anywhere in Europe but it is also where our new Al Rifai branch is! (What’s a better excuse than that?). So pack your bags, grab your shades and embark in a Polish journey that will most probably drain your camera battery.


The first thing you notice about the city is how historical it is. So make sure you visit or even just pass by the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul. It is definitely a must as it is the oldest of Poznan and one with the greatest architecture.

If you’re not really into those never-ending tours but still want to learn more about the turbulent history of Poznan and Poland, then the Brama Poznania museum is definitely for you.
Goodbye tourist guides and hello modern technology! All you have to do is pick up a handset and off you go! Touch screen displays and computer-generated reconstructions of the city show you exactly how it used to be pre-war. Don’t forget to go up to the museum’s terrace for a breath-taking view over this historic gem (and for great insta-worthy pictures of course).


If you’re into architecture (which you should be, given how amazing it is), and love taking pictures, then head to Poznan’s old market square and wander around to enjoy beautiful sights of chocolate box buildings and a rainbow of colors! Built in 1253, the historic market square was ravaged by a fire in the 1400s and was significantly damaged in 1945, towards the end of the Second World War. Today, it comprises an assorted mix of architecture ranging from the Middle Ages to the modern era.


A small tip: Get up early and get those Instagram pictures going first thing in the morning to avoid being photo-bombed by a group of tourists! After all, the square looks stunning both day and night!
The Malta Lake is a very popular spot among the locals where many different activities take place. So if you’re tired of visiting museums and castles, this should be your first destination. You can enjoy the water park, rowing classes, golf fields, and other sport activities or simply walk around and enjoy nature. The good news is that there are also ski slopes in winter for all of you ski lovers!


Although the Polish city is beautiful in winter, make sure you visit it in summer as well. If you’ve always dreamed about Yee Pang Festival in Thailand but it was way too far for you to travel, Poznan is your place to go! Every June on midsummer night, thousands and thousands of lanterns are raised into the night sky. In 2013, Poznians broke the world record with 25,000 lanterns. Definitely one of the coolest things to experience in Poznan.


You wouldn’t want to miss how the Polish enjoy their evenings, would you now? The Nowy Theatre is one of Poland’s most popular theatre with shows over 500 performances a season and plays by some of the world’s most famous playwrights (Shakespeare included of course). The Theatre sells out quickly so make sure to book your ticket early if you fancy a typical polish experience- it’s totally worth it!

Try a St Martin’s croissant because this one is unlike any other.. By EU law, only certified bakers of Poznan can produce this recipe. Meaning that all those St Martin’s croissants in other cities are being shipped from Poznan! The St Martin’s has a much denser pastry than the traditional croissant and is filled with a mixture of white poppy seed, orange peel and raisins. So forget about the extra calories and indulge because the “I won’t be trying this everyday” excuse is for real this time!


No Wonder whittling down the list of places to visit in Poland is such a challenge. So go visit and enjoy the small town charm of a city recreated from ashes. It’s not often that history works out this way, and we’re lucky it did!

Al Rifai is now open at the Stary Browar mall, Półwiejska 42, 61-888 Poznań, Poland.
You can call us on +48 61 859 62 16. 



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