The day of love is finally approaching; of course we are talking about none other than Valentine’s Day. Whether cupid shot you with his arrow and made you a fan of the holiday or you avoid every red object in sight, you can’t help but sense love in the air. With emotions about the holiday swinging both ways, we decided to be optimists and embrace the holiday spirit. In order to do so, we had to dig deep into the core of Ol’ Saint Valentine and the results were obvious: flowers. This is the holiday that nearly all florists countdown to, because if there’s any occasion that calls for flowers it’s Valentine’s. We asked around to find one of the oldest florists in town and almost everyone had one common answer: Takkoush Flowers.



We made our way to Takkoush to find the original florist who started it all (there are 2 other Takkoush Flowers situated right next to the original shop). Opened and currently owned by Ibrahim Takkoush, we knew the moment we met him there was a lot more than meets the eye – and boy were we right. Even though the flowers in the shop were vividly beautiful to say the least, it wasn’t always Ibrahim’s job to sell flowers. Rewind 51 years back and we’ll introduce to you Ibrahim Takkoush, the actor. Starring in major films in Egypt, back in the day Ibrahim was living the “Hollywood” dream and there wasn’t a single flower in sight. However, the day came to settle down and get married and he had to say goodbye to his life as an actor. The transition from actor to flower shop owner wasn’t exactly planned. Ibrahim was trading in his movies with Bulgarian businessmen and he wasn’t even sure what he wanted in return. Then it hit him – since Bulgarian movies wouldn’t do much for him, he decided to import the flowers from Bulgaria and take control over his flower shop that was leased to someone else. He was the only one at this time to be importing the exotic flowers of Bulgaria in all of Lebanon. And ever since – Takkoush has made a reputation for itself.

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Ibrahim explained to us how the times have changed in regards to florists. Before, they used to be the main ingredient when it came to weddings and parties but now people find it easier to just work with the venue managers in getting everything done. He explains, “Now our shop is just a practicality to people in need of a fast gesture.” Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day come in tied for the busiest days of the year and with several flower buckets empty, it was clear the rush had already started.


What differentiates Takkoush from other florists is the quality. You don’t go into his shop and see a beautiful store, but you most definitely see beautiful flowers – and not a single one out of shape. His quality is the strong foundation that keeps his store going. With every color under the sun available in store, you can’t help but fall in love with the ambiance including the old school cash register – and yes it is still operating!

As we mentioned earlier when you walk down the street you will notice that there are three Takkoush flower shops. This specific Takkoush Flowers has an alternative name: “California.” This name dates back to Ibrahim’s acting days, when his American friends would constantly tell him that he should go visit California, and ever since the name stuck.IB3A3962 IB3A3994 IB3A3961

After a legacy lasting 50 years, unfortunately this Takkoush Flowers doesn’t have anyone to take over. Even though the store physically might not live on – the name and the memory of its vibrant flowers will.

If you’d like to choose a beautiful bouquet for your loved one this Valentine’s visit Takkoush Flowers on Jeanne D’arc Street, Hamra or call them on 01 343617




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