Look, it’s an orange leaf on the ground. I’m sure we all know what that means, fall is finally here! Even though we’re going to miss our sunny days of summer, you can’t deny the coziness of sweater weather! It’s a great season of jumping into a pile of leaves, sipping on a cup of hot cocoa, and foraging for those delicious nuts! Al Rifai is all dressed in yellow and orange to give you a little insight about some special nuts that shine in autumn!



Give it a try or add it to your delicious chocolate desserts to find out just how heavenly these nuts can be for your recipes. With their little bodies packed with proteins, Hazelnuts, also known as Filberts, can really do wonders for your skin. Its oil can be extracted and used as a moisturizer to keep your hands silky smooth. If you are a hazelnut fanatic just for their taste, then try giving them a roast to really maximize their flavor or using them to make your own special flour, milk, or butter.



“Houston, we’ve got a pecan.” – No, the astronauts didn’t really say that, but they could have! Pecans are always chosen as a snack for their trips to space, since you could store them in a freezer to keep fresh till next autumn. With their contents packed with essential minerals, they are your ideal treats without increasing any body weight. Plus, you can toast them to get a more intense flavor and extra crunch!


Pine Nuts

The pine cone, our little weapon for those childhood battles in the forest. We had no clue back then, but they could be opened up to reveal a whole other world of nuts. You can find them between their scales but, to really hit the jackpot, you might have to dig into it. Even the ancient Romans thought of cracking a cone for some treats to munch on. What they probably didn’t know was that pine nuts have the highest concentration of protein than any other nut, and contain massive amounts of minerals that can keep your immune system on its toes!



Remember the days when we would see an acorn high up in a tree? Did you ever think how good they looked on an episode of Chip and Dale? Well, those little chipmunks had the right idea! Acorn kernels are amazing sources of protein and fiber. Not only are they mind-blowingly delicious, but you can also boil them in water to remove their tannins. Why would you bother to do that, you ask? Because the tannin water from acorns can even be applied to insect bites, sunburns, or rashes!



Their tough shells may be hard to break into, but it is definitely worth the effort once you reach that delicious center. It’s quite obvious how everyone longs for their flavor, but who would have known that such a small treat could do so much? For starters, if you are constantly having sleepless nights, then grab yourself a handful. To add to their amazing to-do-list, they can be great for women who are expecting a little bundle of joy and can, actually, improve your memory. For some do-it-yourself moments, you can even boil its husks to create your own ink.



Now you have a chance to sit by the window, glimpse at leaves as they hit the ground, and snack on a bowl of Al Rifai nuts that you know have just been harvested! So, go ahead and grab a fresh batch before the season ends!

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