Innovation has been a DRIVING FORCE in our company, with a vision to be a top of a mind brand name in savoury snacks, ALRIFAI’s new factory will be equipped with state of the arts lasers. Yes lasers!


We use laser technology  to primarily interrogate a material’s property (or structure). This makes lasers ideal for detecting a wide range of foreign materials and some product defects.

Compared to other light sources such as HID (high intensity discharge) lights, fluorescent lights, and LEDs (light emitting diodes), lasers produce a far greater power density that can cause the laser light to actually penetrate the product, depending on the material properties.

The key to identifying differences in material properties lies in how the laser light “behaves” within the object.  Based on an object’s color and structure, the laser beam will be reflected at different levels of intensity and will also scatter, or transmit, different amounts.  One, or perhaps a combination of these behaviours, allows precise characterisation of our product and the associated defects and foreign materials.

First of its kind in Lebanon. The laser sorter will help in various functions.

Advanced Shape Detection: Detailed shape detection is achieved by seeing perfect, crisp contours of the nuts (cashews, peanuts, etc..) on the LED backlight illuminated chute resulting in higher sorting efficiency.  This helps us have a clear image of the nut as they go through the machine. Via high resolution imaging,  the sorter can detect shape imperfections and kick them out

Malformed cashews, broken almonds, split peanuts, scratched macadamia are a thing of the past. With a smart shape recognition engine that can analyse complex contours based on intelligent mathematical algorithms, resulting in improved quality. The apparatus will analyse each individual nut based on a combination of length, width, ratios and area then decides to reject or not.

Foreign Body Elimination: The smart laser sorter removes first of all Foreign Matter (FM) such as rocks, glass and dirt. Second of all, the Extraneous Vegetative Matter (EVM) such as branches, leaves, or anything protruding from the products.

“The investment in laser technology has been researched for 3 years and we have no doubt that this will cement our commitment to Quality. No wonder they call us the Rolls Royce of the Nut Industry”

Moussa Rifai




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