Oh it’s cold outside! That could only mean one thing, the snow is finally here! It’s the season of skiing, fireplaces, and a whole tub of hot cocoa. If you are looking for a great weekend spot, then you know Lebanon has what you need. Whether you are in the mood for some culture and tradition or an escape to the snowy mountains, you have come to the right place. So, bring out your maps and let’s start planning where you need to go in the weekend.

For starters, Lebanon has several amazing ski destinations that you could look in to. Yet, it isn’t only about skiing. There are tons of resorts to spend the day, large snow plains to give your kids a chance to build a few snowmen, or some restaurants to enjoy a cozy warm meal.


Yeah, we know you’ve probably already heard of this place, but who can resist going on and on about it? Located in the district of Keserwan, the village is approximately 42km away from Beirut. Our first suggestion is to find the perfect resort so that you could begin conquering those ski slopes. We recommend the Mzaar Ski Resort as it gives you access to over 80km of tracks so you know there would be tons of places to discover. Whether you are interested in winter sports, a snow experience filled with the beautiful sun, or just a drive-through with the family, Kfardebian is a great option to see what Lebanon’s winter is all about.


Located close to Faraya, Faqra is part of the same district, yet their activities are quite different. It is known for its remained monuments, temples, columns, altars, and rock tombs. Yet we recommend you take the trip to the famous Faqra Club. The community is extremely welcoming, the activities are splendid, and you can get an exclusive view overlooking Beirut and the Bay of Jounieh. If you are interested in the views, we suggest you take a stroll towards Greystone Park. It is close walking distance and it would give you a beautiful sight of the Baatouta Valley. If you’ve seen it in the summer, you’d love it even more now. With numerous ski slopes, several events that are held in the club, and a list of restaurants at your disposal, Faqra will definitely exceed your expectations for the weekend.

Al Arz

Arz is the Arabic word for Cedars, and you can find that tree on our nation’s flag (no wonder we are so fond of this place). Up in the north of Lebanon, Al Arz is quite cold as it is approximately 2,500m high in elevation. There are some ski resorts to visit, yet they never seemed to be as crowded as Faraya. That’s because everyone goes to Arz for a whole different reason, and it is to witness the fascinating Cedar Forest. If you aren’t much into sports and are looking for an inspiring weekend, than you can feel right at home at Arz. The forest is also known as the Cedars of God as they could survive for several hundred years and grow to a substantial height of 35m.


Ehden might not be incredibly popular with skiing, but the winter does give the town a nice glow. The first thing you would want to do is check out the famous Bnachii Lake. It would be too cold for a dip (Unless you are quite the daredevil), but there are several restaurants facing the large body of water to give your meals a special touch. This could be followed by a walk in the Ehden Natural Reserve to get a glance at the many frozen trees. Even though the camping season might be up, but taking a hike in the snowy terrains of Ehden is also a great aspect of the winter. It might be tiring, but it is well worth the trip.


Just 35km away from the capital, Zaarour is the closest place you can go to for a ski resort. One of the most known places is the Zaarour Club that opened in 1975. With the club spreading over 2.5km of the area, you can trust us when we say that they are tons of things to do there! It is a great option for mountain dining with a heap of snow activities ranging from snowboarding, skiing, ski-do, all the way up to snow-tubing for your kids . If you feel like having an night in, there are even webcams installed all over the place to give you a chance to explore the mountains right from your hotel room.

Lebanon is quite famous for its winter season, and now you can see why. Get packing, get planning, and get moving to explore the best winter spots for your weekend.




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