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Mangoes SlicesMangoes Slices
Marzipan & Pistachios TwistMarzipan & Pistachios Twist
Marzipan Mini
Mega OmegaMega Omega
Milk Chocolate AlmondsMilk Chocolate Almonds
Milk Chocolate Dessert 250g
Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar 100g
Milk Chocolate HazelnutsMilk Chocolate Hazelnuts
Milk Chocolate Raisins
Mini Sugary Pods - Sugar Free
Mix DeluxeMix Deluxe
RIFAI Mix Deluxe
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Mix DietMix Diet
RIFAI Mix Diet
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Mix ExoticMix Exotic
Mix KernelsMix Kernels
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Mix RegularMix Regular
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Mixes of the House
Oat Crackers Mix Box
Pastry bites Box
Al Rifai Pea Protein Powder

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