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Al Rifai's Lebanese cocoa halawa, also known as halwa or halva, is classically enjoyed in slices with a cup of strong coffee. It’s sweet and nutty with a dry, crumbly and almost crystalline texture that melts in the mouth. Halawa is made from sesame paste (tahini), sugar syrup and halawa root – also known as marsh-mallow root.

There are lots of ways to enjoy plain halawa – crumble it over ice cream sundaes, serve a little for breakfast with natural yoghurt and fresh fruits, or even stir pieces through a brownie mixture before baking. In fact, in any sweet recipe that calls for crushed peanuts or peanut butter, try using halawa instead for a Middle Eastern twist.

SOLD AS: Block of 450g (31.7 Oz.)
ALLERGEN: Sesame, nuts.

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