New Years resolutions- let’s be honest, we all make them, but rarely ever keep them. Something about the New Year triggers the need to better us in every aspect. The idea of bettering ourselves is great- but making them habits is even greater. We’ve narrowed down the best tips and tricks to help motivate and help turn your resolutions into achievements!

1. Be Realistic


Setting unrealistic goals is taking the first step in not accomplishing your goals. Set goals that you know you can achieve within a short period of and time-once that’s done set the next one for a longer term.

2. Write it down
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Take the time to sit and really think of what you want to accomplish within the next year and write it down. Once its written on paper it won’t be just a thought anymore but the beginning of a 365 day process. Make sure that you don’t leave it until the last minute or else you will only write down what you want to accomplish in that day.

3. Post its
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Once you’ve chosen what you want to evolve in your life write them down on post it notes and stick them somewhere you see all the time. These are small reminders of where you want to be in a year and help you see the bigger picture everyday.

4. Acknowledge your success

Every time you accomplish something whether part of your resolutions are not take the time to acknowledge it and pat yourself on the back. Also, add it on to the wall of post its. That way, when we want to see your list of resolutions you’ll also have the motivation you need to see that you can do anything if you put your mind to it!

5. Track Your Progress:

Every 3 months take a look at your resolutions and track how far you’ve become. Itll help you decide if your on the right track or if you need to make any detours to get where you need to be.

6. Reward yourself

Changing a lifestyle isn’t easy. Rewarding yourself will give you the motivation you need to continue your journey. Find a reward system that doesn’t contradict your resolution. For example if your goal is to lose 15 kilos don’t reward yourself by eating a box of chocolate- reward yourself with a new gym outfit.

7. Stick to it
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Experts say that it takes about 21 days for your new activity to be a habit and 6 months to be part of your personality. So make sure you have patience and when you feel like quitting remember why you started in the first place!
Cheers to a New Year and a new you!


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