Oh The 60’s, it was a time when our capital was a vibrant tourist destination or as our parents would say, the world was younger! Beirut had a vibrant and intellectual scene that earned it it’s legendary status of glamour and elegance: the Paris of the Middle East. It was the era that attracted the world’s jet set to this tiny middle eastern country. Let’s go back in time and visit the lebanese golden age, one picture at a time.
50s-opera building- oldbeirut.com

-The Opera building-

late 50s

-Beirut street-

50s-sporting- cnn.com

-The Sporting Beach Club-

50s-weygan street- oldbeirut.com

-Weygan street-

hotel st.george 50s

-Hotel Saint Georges-

beirut airport 50s

-Beirut Airport-

60s- hamra street-oldbeirut.com

-Hamra street-

tramway in the 60s beirut

-Tramway in Beirut street-

60s-byblos bank-pinterest
-Byblos Bank-

60s-beirut souks- oldbeirut.com

-Beirut souks-

60s-jewlery souks- oldbeirut.com

-Jewellery Souks-


-Cafe in Beirut-

60s-martyrs square - oldbeirut.com

-Martyr’s Square-


-Martyr’s square viewed from above-

beirut municipality 1960
-Beirut Municipality-

60s-nawbar shop- beirut-dt-lateliernawbar.wordpress.com

-Nawbar shop in Downtown Beirut in the 60’s. Today, it is the hub of designers, artists and retailers-

1963 tramway beirut near AUB medical gate

-Tramway in Beirut street in 1963-

60s-ouzai beach south beirut- arbighattas.com

-Ouzai Beach at the south of Beirut-

Riad el soloh square- arab bank-60s

-Riad Al Soloh square-

60s-raouche- forum-auto.com


60s-phoenicia hotel- oldbeirut.com

-Pool at the Phoenica Hotel in the 60’s, the centre of the high society and a very glamorous destination-

ein mreysseh-60s-oldbeirut.com

-Ein Mrayseh-

Riviere hotel- 60s

-Riviera Hotel-

barakat building-late 60s

-Barakat Building-

60s-1968-riad el solh square-oldbeirut.com

-Riad El Soloh street in 1968-

70s- beirut 1971 oldbeirut.com

-Beirut street in 1971-

phoenicia street 70s

-Phoenicia street in the early 70’s-

hamra street 1970

-Hamra street-

palm beach hotel- forum-auto.com
-Palm Beach Hotel-

beirut museum- 70s

-Beirut Museum-

Grand magazins byblos- 70s

-Grands Magasins Byblos-

neon street lights- avenue de paris 1970-

-Avenue de Paris with the Beirut famous neon street lights in the 70’s-


-Beirut street life in the 70’s-

saint george hotel- edition.cnn.com
-The Saint Georges Hotel and pool in the early 70’s, where many of the international film stars and jet setters used to stay-



 -Oil delivered by a horse in Beirut street in the 70’s-


Photo credits to: 
Life Magazine
Business Insider






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