Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, you can’t help but get love-struck when you’ve been shot by one of cupid’s little arrows. Once you do, the entire world turns into roses, hearts, and stars. Soon, you’d be running around a week before Valentine’s trying to plan the perfect date for that special someone. However, there are many loving individuals out there who can’t think of something romantic to do. If you’re one of those people, Don’t worry because Al rifai’s got you covered with these ideas that would surely take their breath away.

We’ve got a pretty awesome list of choices ranging from the cheesy classics up to the crazy fun, so put on your thinking caps and let’s start planning the perfect Valentine’s date.

  1. Picnic

You’ve seen it in the movies, you imagined yourself doing this for your partner one day, and now you have the chance to. This is where you pack a picnic basket filled with meals, drinks, and snacks (you can have a bag of Al Rifai in there, just saying). With the basket in hand, the red and white blanket at the ready, and your partner bursting with excitement, head out to a local park and enjoy a day in nature.


2. Romance Movie Marathon

Didn’t we say there’d be some cheesy options? Yes we did, but they work extremely well! Even though it’s very simple and doesn’t require that much planning, your partner would fall head-over-heels for a night such as this. Start popping those popcorn kernels in the microwave, a couple of sodas, and enjoy a lovely night of romantic movies on the couch.

3. A Getaway in the Mountains

Even though we are used to traveling up to our villages in the weekends, this time it would be quite different. Hold your partner by the hand, take a trip to a place you’ve never been before, and use the day to explore what the country has to offer. You can either take a trip to the Qadisha Valley or head up to Jbeil for a romantic evening.


4. Ice Skating

Since it is the perfect season for this and it would give you extra points to have such a wintery Valentine’s day, plan the perfect dinner at your partner’s favorite restaurant, then head to the ice rink for a night of skating and laughter. You can find one at City Mall, Doura.  If you can’t skate and end up falling, don’t worry because it would put a bigger smile on their face and the night would get even better!


5. Dance the Night Away

Nothing sounds more romantic than a bit of salsa dancing to some lovely Latin music. Take your partner out for a night of exotic meals, some dancing, and make it a night to remember.


6. A Trip Down Memory Lane

If you are starting to panic because time is running out, you should realize the answer has been in your memory all along. Remember that first date you had with your partner? Recreate it! Take them to same place you knew you belong together, order the same meals you had on the first dinner, and give them a little gift to show how much they mean to you.

7. A Day at the Spa

Even though it may seem rather simple, it will surely give them a relaxing smile. Especially since Valentine’s fall on a Tuesday this year, they would really appreciate a night of peaceful massages and beautiful aromas after a day at work.

8. Cook for Them

To make the evening more sentimental, have a dinner date at home. No, we aren’t telling you to order take-out and make them think you’re quite boring. This is where you use your awesome cooking skills to give the meal a little more value. If you don’t know how to cook, take the time and learn to make one meal because it would really go a long way or you could even cook with them.


9. Be Cultural

This depends on the tastes of your significant other. If they’re into very cultural or artistic scenes, take them to a local museum that has famous paintings on display. If you think history would be a better option, there are tons of museums with ancient artifacts that they would enjoy such as the National Museum of Beirut.


10. Skiing with the Sunset

You’ve got tons of resorts that can play the perfect host to a Valentine’s date. Grab your skis, head to the slopes, and spend a few hours doing sportive activities. Once you are done, you’ve got the chance to find a lovely restaurant with a gorgeous view to enjoy the sunset with your hands interlocked.


There are only 6 days left, so now you’ve got an idea of what you can do to fill the day with love and happiness.

Happy Valentine’s Day!





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