Lebanon has always kept everyone’s expectations high during the merry season of Christmas. With each passing year, the decorations always seem to outdo themselves and the numerous towns put up their yearly trees to give their names a little twinkle. 2016 is definitely living up to the Christmas cheer and festive decorations. Let’s have a look!


People gather around an illuminated Christmas tree in Byblos city in northern Lebanon November 24, 2016. REUTERS/Jamal SaidiPhoto by: Jamal Saidi – Reuters

As Byblos being one of the oldest cities in the world, the sights were definitely worth the trip and a big opportunity to waste our phone memories with pictures. The entire area has been transformed into a small Christmas Village with little huts covering the field. With a mention in The Huffington Post as one of the “Most Breathtaking and Inspiring Christmas Trees of 2016”, you can’t help but visit the city to get a good look of the merry atmosphere yourself.


People gather under a Christmas Tree, marking the beginning of Christmas season in Zgharta city, north Lebanon December 3, 2016. REUTERS/Omar IbrahimPhoto by: Omar Ibrahim- Reuters

Traveling up to the Village of Happiness by the Bnachii Lake, Christmas has gone completely white this year in Zgharta. Instead of having just gifts under the tree, the city has taken a new spin by creating the entire North Pole Village. Right up there with Byblos, Zgharta has been mentioned in The Huffington Post’s “Most Breathtaking and Inspiring Christmas Trees of 2016”, along with 20 other trees ranging from Tokyo to New York. Great Job Lebanon!


lex404wPhoto by: @lex404w

As the Christmas spirit travels the country, it sets up the warm welcomes in the great city of Tyre that is already widely visited for it’s beautiful beaches, heritage, and lovely atmosphere. Now, you can give it a visit for a whole new reason. With the lighting ceremony bringing everyone together, Tyre’s decorations can show you another wonderful take on Christmas with an entire collection of beautiful colors, festive lights, and a fireworks show that will give you the perfect holiday memories.


Courtesy of the Facebook Page of @LiveLoveLebanon

The capital has gone golden this year with its festivites. Beirut, the heart of Lebanon, has its tree up in Martyrs’ Square with an outline that gives it a beautiful gold texture. Beirut has gone all out with a Christmas Village and a Santa Parade that plays host to 100 Santa Clauses strolling through the area. You can still take the time to visit the village until December 29.


Photo by: @yasminebal

With a modern style tree that brought a series of colorful wildlife illustrations to light, Tripoli is yet another place to spend your Christmas. The largest northern city in Lebanon did well in creating a sense of celebration for everyone. Tripoli’s festivities even brought “Souk El Akel” – a public market where local cooks would serve their special meals – to shower you with Christmas treats. With a lovely initiative by the city, the raised funds from the market would go straight to children in need who are hoping for gifts during this season. The Tripoli Christmas village ends on December 22, so don’t miss out!

Lebanon is always on a roll when it comes to the decorations that will surely give everyone a sense of our country’s wondrous Christmas spirit.


cover photo by: www.stateofmind13.com



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