Don’t walk on a crack or you’ll break your mother’s back. If you break a mirror you get 7 years of bad luck. If a black cat crosses your path you are cursed. If you walk under a ladder, you’ll have bad luck for all eternity and let’s not forget Friday the 13th!   Superstitions are all around us and even though they can be interpreted as silly, there are different types of superstitions and different levels on which people take them seriously. But what about Tasseography? Yeah you know, the act of telling you every important factor of your future whether good or bad just by taking one glimpse of your dried out coffee cup. Yeah we meant that superstition. Whether you knew someone who predicted your fate, or your grandma knew someone who knew someone’s cousin who read coffee cups – it’s a superstition that has inevitably come into your life at least once, if not a 100 times. Whether you are in need of a sign concerning your love life, career, or important decisions in your life, getting your coffee cup read can be a harmless way to get a nudge in the right direction. Coffee reading dates back all the way to the 16th century and is popular in Turkey, Greece and of course most Middle Eastern countries.


As we are believers in being spontaneous and trying new things, we decided to take on a challenge and get our coffee cups read. Knowing our future love life, money income, or knowing we may have a couple more vacation days ahead (wink, wink to our boss) – couldn’t do any harm. After a few calls to grandma (she was thrilled) she called the best “Bassara” she knew and we headed her way.

The moment we stepped inside her home she made us promise that we would keep her name and identity under wraps in exchange for the most accurate coffee cup reading she can give. Without hesitation we agreed. When we got settled in and the coffee was brewing, we wondered how she got into this field of work. She laughed and explained, “This isn’t a full time job – it’s more of a hobby I picked up as a kid and kept practicing with my friends. As time went on I started reading and researching each line and shape to be able to really understand the prediction. Now I can instantly look at a cup and see a full story just like a movie right in front of my eyes.” Suddenly our 9-5 jobs and normal extra curricular activities seemed so boring. Once the coffee was burning hot we each filled up our cups and slowly sipped. As we enjoyed our usual 13th coffee of the day we asked her if everyone that comes to you is a believer of coffee reading. She expressed that everyone that walks into her house is a believer in one way or another. Even the ones who swear they don’t believe and are doing it just for fun are lying to themselves because if that were truly the case they wouldn’t take the time to come to her. It’s a way to give some sort of security to those who seek it. It’s a harmless way for people to either hear what they’ve been waiting to hear or reassurance of something they already know has a negative effect on their life. When we asked her whether all her predictions come true she said no – but a lot of them do. Her craziest story was telling a woman who wasn’t expecting to be pregnant anytime soon that she was! She saw a nest figure in her coffee cup and told the woman that she would be pregnant soon and the woman brushed it off with a laugh. Three weeks later that same woman was pregnant with twins! After a couple goose bumps shivered down our spine we knew it was time for our future to be told.

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With a couple of eyes widening and a left and right turn of the coffee cup we were told love, happiness, and success, with a few sneaky friends lurking, were in our future. With all that taken into consideration, it sometimes is said that reading coffee cups is illegal or not socially acceptable in some communities. When we touched on that topic the Bassara shook her hands and said we aren’t practicing dark magic, or magic at all! We are reading coffee lines that have dated back many generations. She expressed that she and other Bassaras don’t sit at home and practice the different results of different blends of coffee – like us they have another job and family to provide for in addition to this super cool hobby. They enjoy entertaining.

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With the fate of our coffee cup sealed (and no we don’t have any extra days off soon) we left our Bassara with a little insight into our future. Whether you’re a believer or not, it’s always fun to take a sneak peek into what could be and hey, if it doesn’t come true, you still got to have some coffee!

Since we were sworn to secrecy about our Bassara’s identity, we can’t divulge her contact information, but we guarantee you that your grandmother can probably steer you to the closest one!


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