Mix Super Deluxe

RIFAISKU: 230132

Sold and packed in: 500g (1.1lb)

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The most varied mix ever. If you are looking to try all the products we produce, this is your mix.  A blend of premium nuts and kernels, dry roasted to perfection with unique flavors. The mix contains in variable proportions Pistachios (Kharouf Grilled), Cashews (Cheese and Salted), Almonds (American Half Salted, Spanish Half Salted, Macadamias, Hot, Krikri and Smoked), Hazelnuts (Peeled Half Salted), Peanuts (Grilled with Skin, Krikri), Seeds (Pumpkin Half Salted), Chickpeas (Original Yellow, Hot, Krikri, White Half Salted) and Corn (Salted)


  • Dry Roasted with no fats or oil added in the process

SOLD IN: Bulk 1kg (2.2lb) and 500g (1.1lb)

ALLERGEN NOTICE: Nuts, Milk, Gluten and Peanuts.


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